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I'm Andy Breckman. I'm wearing this hat so you you don't know I'm bald.

For many years, I was a pretty successful, sorta well-known comedy writer. I worked on the original staff of "Late Night With David Letterman". Then I wrote for SNL. You may remember some of my sketches. I wrote and directed the one where Eddie Murphy went around as a white guy. And I wrote "Japanese Game Show" with Chris Farley & Mike Meyers.

My feature screenplays include "Sgt. Bilko" and "Rat Race". I also created and executive-produced the award-winning series, MONK, which your mom probably loved.

These days, my passion is my toy company, Uncle Andy Toys. Our goal is to create games that are as FUN and SUBVERSIVE as your favorite shows and movies. It's a perfect plan. What could possibly go wrong?


Musician/filmmaker/artist Johnny Celentano is a talented musician, filmmaker and artist.